Selling Your Home Is More Than a Transaction

Your house has always been so full of energy. Activities taking place in every room. Those walls have breathed your family’s triumphs, your sorrows, the unexpected ohs shared by all. Oh … the stories they could tell … 


That being said: Your experience will be emotional and incredibly personal. Your home has epitomised your family’s life, your memories. Nostalgia will be nagging your thoughts, making you wonder if you’re making the right decision to sell your home. 

Your Home Deserves the Right Price

Remember I said selling your home will be an emotional rollercoaster? Setting its price is a delicate balance. A balance of knowledge on Edmonton’s current real estate market, your home’s features, and your community. Pricing it too high will keep your home on the market longer than either of us want. Pricing it too low … well, let’s not do that. We want you to get the best return on your investment as possible. 


To ensure your house hits the market at the right price, at the right time, schedule your complimentary home evaluation today. You’ll know where you stand in Edmonton’s market before you commit to the unknown. 

Hello Edmonton, This is My Home! 

Your house has gathered family and friends over the years, staged well for each of the holidays and momentous occasions. That warm, welcoming feeling friends and family have experienced over the years … your home’s buyers need to experience it too. You need to ensure your home is ready for its audience – Edmonton’s home-buying market. 


Following your complimentary home evaluation, we’ll sit down to discuss your home selling strategy. Part of that strategy will be to ensure your home is warm and welcoming for your guests through proper staging. Staging will help ensure your home gets the best price the market will accept. 

Edmonton’s Next Best Attraction

In order for your home to be sold in the shortest time on the market as possible, we need to execute a comprehensive marketing strategy. Qualified home buyers aren’t always local these days; they’re increasingly national and international buyers. I aim to give your home personalised attention while providing flexible opportunities to exceed your expectations: getting your home sold quickly. 


Your personalised strategy will increase your property’s views around the community, across metro-Edmonton, as well as beyond Alberta’s borders. Through a mix of both traditional and current marketing initiatives, your home will be my top priority.  


Set Your Home’s Strategy Today

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